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Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix Radio Edit)

The naysayers amongst you might say that (a) we have already reviewed Kyla La Grange’s ‘Cut Your Teeth’, (b) it is has since been remixed to within an inch of its life, and (c) Kygo‘s remix has actually been around for months (this ‘new’ version is only a radio edit). In response, we would argue that (a) the original was brilliant, (b) so is this, and (c) it’s sunny in London for once so just allow it, alright?

In fairness, the Norwegian knob-twiddler has done such a fantastic job on ‘Cut Your Teeth’ that it warrants a post to itself. Replacing the eerie atmospherics of the original with feel-good tropical vibes, you get the sense Kygo had to restrain himself from dropping some steel drums on it. After three minutes, as if it hasn’t brought enough joy by then, it breaks out into a euphoric bit of disco that makes Aeroplane look like Chris Cunningham. Perfect summer music.

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Kyla La Grange – The Knife (Krystal Klear Remix)

We like Kyla round these parts and had no doubts over her excellent tastes. She hasn’t let us down:

She’s enlisted Manc-based Madtech affiliate and well-known party-starter Krystal Klear to do the business on ‘The Knife’, her latest single ahead of album ‘Cut Your Teeth’. It’s a banger, hat-tip to Thump for putting it out there.

Special mentions also go to his Boiler Room and Blood Orange remix, same high qual, trust:

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Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth

‘Cut Your Teeth’ is Kyla La Grange’s first new release for almost a year, and it feels like a bit of a departure for the British songwriter. Many moons ago we were rather taken with her grandiose love song, ‘Walk Through Walls’. The track appeared on album ‘Ashes’ last summer alongside lots of other big guitar arrangements, but ‘Cut Your Teeth’ is an altogether more pared-down, electronic affair. All yearning vocals and sonic squelchiness, it calls to mind CHVRCHES, Haim and any number of Scandi-pop acts – and it’s a delightfully understated piece of music.

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