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TĀLĀ & How To Dress Well – The One

Two versions of the same song, quite similar but also pretty good!

Which, in fairness, isn’t a bad effort when you realise they made them in 24 hours.

Having dropped one of them a few weeks back, the second of How to Dress Well and TĀLĀ’s Songs from Scratch collaboration has hit the web today. ‘The One’ is a pretty accurate reflection of the respective talents of the falsetto popster and Kingston producer, bringing you in with soaring vocals and a heavy bassline.

Head here if you want to see a behind the scenes vid (warning – it’s boring).

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Tink – Can I (Feat. How to Dress Well)

Thank you, technology.

Courtesy of a half-decent Macbook mic and THE INTERNET, we now have a How to Dress Well verse on suddenly-everywhere Tink’s ‘Can I’.

‘Can I’ was tucked away in the Chicago youngster’s first mixtape, ‘Winter’s Diary’, and is worth hearing in context if you fancy a longer listen. It’s no surprise that Tom Krell wanted in on this action as it’s right up his street: dreamy RnB for late night listening.

And here’s Tink’s recent contribution to supergroup Future Brown’s ‘Wanna Party’:

All good stuff.

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How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Doss Remix)

You may have gathered by now that we think Tom Krell’s haunting RnB electronica, aka the works of How to Dress Well, is rather good. Not least the taut, melodic ‘& It Was U’ from his recent ‘Total Loss’ album. Showing an eye for upcoming talent, he’s now let US producer and new Acephalé signing Doss have a crack at remixing it. Boy has she remixed it.

Doss is also refreshingly unwilling to offer up information about herself, making for a worse blog post but more intriguing artist. Check out the bio she sent across to The Fader.

Did we think ‘& It Was U’ needed a jacked-up and frankly bonkers remix? No. Are we glad there is one now? Yes.

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How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Pional re-work)

There was a good chance we were going to enjoy this, given our affection for Pional and How to Dress Well. Guess what? We did! The Spanish producer has lobbed out a superb rework of ‘& It Was U’ from HTDW’s recent album, ‘Total Loss’.
Pional expertly blends Tom Krell’s RnBro vocals with his own thudding, insistent bassline to create a taut, emotive three minutes of music. Add in a few well-placed guitar strums and clicks and they’re onto a winner:
Our only problem with this is that there’s not enough of it…
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How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well; less practical guide, more haunting RnB low-fi.

With a new album, ’Total Loss’, out in mid-September, Tom Krell (HTDW’s real-world name), road tested a few new tracks at an intimate (hot) gig at Dalston’s ‘perpetually-crammed new venue Birthdays‘ last week. HD put on our bestest outfit and went along, finding an artist fine-tuning his sound and reaching new creative heights. Krell’s faultless falsetto has carried plenty of his back catalogue but, on first hearing, the addition of some serious wall-of-sound backing will give his new album a more rounded feel.

Early leaks of this new material, ‘Cold Nites’ & ‘Ocean Floor For Everything‘, are more of a nod to the late-night electronica that first drew us in, wrapped as they were on the night in old favourites such as ‘Ready For The World’. Pop these on, maybe think about your favourite Olympic moments and have a good old cry. In a good way.

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How to Dress Well – Ocean Floor for Everything

PhD-wielding sensitive soul Tom Krell, aka How to Dress Well, has served up some heart-achingly good crackly electronica over the past few years, pulled together in his debut album ‘Love Remains’. After a relatively output-lite six months (bar an excellent mix for Interview magazine, featuring reworks of A$AP Rocky, Future, the-Dream and Carly Rae Jepsen) he’s back with ‘Total Loss’, a new album out this autumn on Weird World.

Appetites are being whet by taster track ‘Ocean Floor for Everything’. It’s noticeably less low-fi (hi-fi?) than previous efforts but hasn’t lost any of HTDW’s trademark atmosphere: echoey falsetto vocals recall The Weeknd’s sense of angsty longing and Jai Paul’s bittersweet melodies – associations enhanced by the combination of tinny percussion, hazy distortion and guttural chanting. The overall effect is pretty intoxicating. Let Dr. Krell’s soundscapes ease you into the week.

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Youan – We Back

Fidgety number from Youan, serves as the ninth release in Eton Messy’s Free Download series. For a different tempo, check out Youan’s recent edit of How To Dress Well’s ‘Words I Don’t Remember’, similarly showcased by the Bristol taste-makers at the start of the month:

While we’re on it, London beatsmiths Toyboy & Robin have had a go at this one by HTDW too.

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Jacques Greene – On Your Side EP

As teased yesterday, we’re getting a new Jacques Greene EP! Yessss.

LuckyMe will be putting out the ‘On Your Side’ EP in June and it’ll be made up of the previously scribed-on ‘Quicksand’, a new one called ‘Faithful’ featuring the dulcet tones of Oliver Day Soul, and THIS:

Premiered on Zane Lowe yesterday, it’s EXACTLY what Jacques does best. He’s even gone so far as to pull in fellow R&B aficionado Tom Krell (aka How to Dress Well) on vocals, beefing up that half of his signature house-R&B blend.

Here’s Quicksand too, because you deserve it:

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Hello lunchtime viewing…

Red Bull Music Academy are expanding their output yet again, this time with a web-documentary series, H∆SHTAG$. We’ll excuse the slightly (very) silly name as Episode 1, which deals with the burst of recent contemporary R&B, is actually pretty interesting. How To Dress Well, Miguel and The Weeknd producer Zodiac all offer their thoughts on this renaissance and its roots and implications. Zodiac has also donated a track to the cause, and it’s lovely listening. All stuttering beats and twisted vocals.

Future episodes are said to include interviews with TNGHT, Mount Kimbie, Flying Lotus and Main Attrakionz so we’ll certainly be watching this particular space.

What a multi-media post.

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Ryan Hemsworth – Fact mix 352

Something a little lengthier for you today, might even take you through to elevenses. We’ve been big fans of the rather hunky Ryan Hemsworth for a while, from his early Main Attrakionz production work through to his genuinely excellent recent EP, ‘Last Words’. Our fellow Hemsworth fanboys over at FACT have now let him spread his wings with their latest FACT mix and he hasn’t let them down:

It sounds to us like the next evolutionary stage after crooners like Frank Ocean and How to Dress Well, brilliantly blending slow-jams with noisy electronica and growly trap-rap. We expect big things from this guy, starting with a European tour please…

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