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Holy Other – Held (Fort Romeau Remix)

South London-based Fort Romeau has chucked a late spring treat our way here with this hypnotic house remix of Holy Other’s ‘Held’. Having toured together last year, Mike Norris (Fort Romeau’s civilian name) had this perfectly pitched rework kicking about and has decided to give it away, for no money.

For something a little more filter-tastic, try Tim Hecker’s effort on the same song from last year:

Holy Other is currently touring the world with Mount Kimbie and they both play, along with every other DJ ever, at Field Day in London this weekend.

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Late Night Tales – Jon Hopkins

Hands up if this week’s all getting a bit much? Need a little time out? Look no further than Jon Hopkins’ forthcoming Late Night Tales‘ compilation, it’s looking to be pretty special and could be the perfect respite for your weary selves.

If you’re unaware of LNT’s work, they invite artists to delve into their record collection to create the ultimate late night selections. With previous guests such as Four Tet, The Cinematic Orchestra and Belle & Sebastien, the collective is the absolute don for atmospheric, chill-out, whatever genre you want to call it. It’s relaxing, and for that little moment in time you can escape your busy lives, let go and forget about all your worries.

So when we heard Jon Hopkins had been recruited for the next edition we were pretty excited. Judging by the promo, he’s put a lot of time and effort into it, he ‘chose tracks not just because they have been important to me but because of how they sit together, putting as much thought into the transitions and overall narrative as I did into the track choices’.

As with tradition on all these compilations, Hopkins has done an exclusive cover version, which will feature poet Rick Holland’s spoken word on the full release. The instrumental is of Yeasayer’s ‘I Remember’ and it’s quite something. Fragile doesn’t even cover it. The rest of the line-up includes choice selections from Nils Frahm, Sigur Ros’ Jonsi and this hypnotic number from Darkstar:

It’s not all ambience, though. Hopkins has included more beat-heavy works from Holy Other and Gold Panda, and he delves into the indie with a School Of Seven Bells track. Also on there is the totally irresistible ‘Lady Divine’ by Alela Diane:

All-in-all we know this is a compilation that you need in your life. It’s currently on pre-order with both digital and vinyl releases out at the end of Feb, beginning of March. If you needed more persuading, he’s even squeezed in Four Tet’s ‘Gillie Amma, I Love You’. It’s moving:

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Human Drizzle: The Playlist June 2013

A list of last month’s best new music that you can play, at your leisure, in Soundcloud. That sounds good (geddit?) doesn’t it?

Your wish is our command. Check out the player below for a rundown of everything we’ve got our grubby hands on this month, together with our Top 5 big ‘uns. If you think we’ve got it totally wrong, completely arse over tit, then let us know here or here.

Also, watch this space for further details on the next Human Drizzle Presents… I know it’s been difficult to plan your summer without knowing more but, fear not, it’s coming. AUGUST 3RD.

And here are our top 5 tracks of the month:

1. MS MR – Hurricane (CHRVCHES Remix): The Glasgow three-piece are red hot right now, and rightly so. Top spot for their rework of NY duo MS MR.

2. Joel Compass – Fucked Up (Huxley remix): Huxley does his thing on newcomer Joel Compass, with predictably great results.

3. Ben Pearce – Patticakes: The Purp & Soul bossman dishes up a summer disco jam.

4. Moon Boots – Love Strong: The latest on the French Express giveaway production line, and it’s glorious.

5. Holy Other – Held (Fort Romeau remix): South London’s Mike Norris going all hypnotic house on Holy Other.

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Tri Angle Records Showcase @ Secret Warehouse Location, Saturday 4th February

Pop is Religion. Overground is Underground. Or so say one of Human Drizzle’s favourite new (2010 emergence) labels, NYC & London residents Tri Angle Records. Home to pioneers of ‘witch-house’ (if you can bear to use that term – we can) such as Balam AcaboOoOO and Nowa Huta, Tri Angle’s brand of hip-hop influenced, late night electronica has been subtly taking over playlists for the past year or so, prepping the way for cross-over hits like The Weeknd. Founder Robin Carolan’s 2010 FACT playlist remains a good starting point for those unacquainted with the imprint.

Anyway, before we get carried away, together with promotors Black Atlantic, Tri Angle are hosting their first official UK showcase on February 4th at that most familiar of London venues, the Secret Warehouse Location. Tickets are selling fast so get yours quick for the chance to see the aforementioned Balam Acab and oOoOO – alongside Holy Other, Karenn (Blawan & Pariah), Romy XX and The Haxan Cloak. Intense but rewarding.

Also, check out the label’s Twitter feed for snippets of wisdom in 140 characters, “Not all things are a mystery. Just look around you.” Well, quite.

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Lea Porcelain – Loose Life (Roman Flügel Remix)

Mood music of the best kind…

With a reflective, changing of the season atmosphere here at HDHQ, we were blessed with the ideal soundtrack in this emotional, synth-heavy remix of Lea Porcelain. Roman Flügel has pulled out the new wave elements to great effect, building a crisp electronic base for Markus Nikolaus’s melancholy vocals. With all the reminiscing that came from #indieamnesty, this tugged at the heart-strings like some of the classics of the late-era, hands in the air period.

‘Loose Life’ is taken from LP’s self-titled debut EP and Roman’s version is half of a remix package put out by Live At Robert Johnson, last seen releasing HD fave Fort Romeau. Another winner.

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Laurence Guy – Thinking Of You EP

Laurence Guy is on a roll!

Fresh from his popular ‘Kojak’ EP released on the excellent Church label, LG has hit the ground running this year with no signs of slowing down. He’s dropped a two-track EP on the Leipzigian label, Rose Records. The title track above, ‘Thinking Of You’, is a fast paced banger set on top of melancholy piano lines and vintage samples.

On the flip side, ‘Hutch’, an equally energetic number that builds slowly on strings and high-hats:

The good news is this you can see this rising star in London real soon as you’ll be glad to hear we’ve recruited him to head things up for our next party down at the Bermondsey Social Club. Tickets are currently just £6, reserve your space on the intimate dance floor now.

And lastly if you missed it, have a listen to one of LG’s other recent releases on Fort Romeau and Ali Tillett’s Cin Cin label, ‘Ubik’. It’s a marvel, get on the pre-orders for the 12″ that also features Todd Osborn here.

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The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

“Don’t these times fill your eyes?”, asks Ian Brown in the chorus to the track from which Shane Meadows’s documentary takes its title. This triumphant documentary certainly does. It would have been easy to be cynical about the project when news of it first emerged. We have already seen the documentary about the band who “thought it would never happen” but then put personal differences aside to reform and conquer the world. The Blur documentary, ‘No Distance Left to Run’, is this documentary (and it’s excellent, incidentally).

But where ‘No Distance Left to Run’ focuses on Blur the band and their relationships with each other, ‘Made of Stone’ is (at the risk of sounding trite) all about the fans. That’s not to say it doesn’t look at the relationships (there’s some amazing archive footage of Brown and John Squire racing mopeds as kids) or the music (an extended live version of ‘Fool’s Gold’ is mesmerising and a rehearsal of ‘Waterfall’ is possibly the best scene in the film, which is saying something). But the main subject of Meadows’s documentary is the people for whom the Stone Roses meant everything.

A key moment occurs when the band offer tickets for an intimate warm-up gig in Warrington to the first people to arrive at the local box office. What follows is astonishing, as we see hordes of people drop what they’re doing and charge across the town’s previously quiet streets to get in line. One builder has abandoned a half-built house, an office worker has lied to his boss about a death in the family, and a father has bought his newborn baby to wait with him in the queue.

There’s something melancholy as well as brilliant about the accounts of these fans: most of whom have grown older with the band and are now in middle age. Looking at the footage of the Roses from the late 1980s, they clearly feel that they are invincible. On top of the world and at the top of their game, they can do anything and take on anyone. Their fans no doubt felt the same. Both are different now: older, with faded looks and fast-growing children, and perhaps a sense that they didn’t quite achieve what they might have done, that they weren’t invincible after all.

And that’s what makes this record of last year’s events so powerful. Meadows may have avoided asking his heroes the difficult questions, but that’s never what this was about. As the film builds to its climax at Heaton Park, he uses as a backdrop the Roses anthem, ‘This Is The One’. For the band and their fans (Meadows included), it couldn’t be more apt.

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Human Drizzle’s Top 10 Tracks of 2012

‘Tis the season to make lists and, whilst our sensible side would call into question the validity of comparing tracks in this way (what are the criteria?), our other side thought it would be fun. So here are our top ten tracks of 2012, in order. If you disagree, please let us know in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook. We won’t take it personally, promise.

1. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve2012 was Julio Bashmore’s year, and the ‘bam bam bam, bam bam bam’ of ‘Au Seve’ sent dancefloors loopy across the globe this summer. It somehow managed to retain the the bass-led, atmospheric subtlety of Bashmore’s other work, whilst simultaneously becoming nothing less than a singalong anthem.

2. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse‘Inspector Norse’ has been equally ubiquitous this year, and with good reason – with Terje’s cosmic squeaking and killer hook bouncing their way into the collective consciousness with joyous abandon.

3. Jai Paul – JasmineWhen Jai Paul released his second ever record in April, a lot of people got very excited. Was this finally going to be his year? Sadly not, as we still await a third – but in the meantime ‘Jasmine’ remains one of the most compelling tracks of recent times.

4Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn remix)Cyril Hahn is one of our favourite artists of 2012, having produced a series of excellent remixes for SolangeHAIM and Alpines as well as this aching, melancholy interpretation of Beyoncé and co’s R’n’B staple.

5Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Ben Gomori’s Staring You In The Eye remix): The title of this track is appropriate, in the sense that neither artist had crossed our radar before we heard this. More’s the pity, because it’s a triumph: combining layered production with fantastic melodies and a vocal that doesn’t leave you.

6. Casino Times – I Wanna KnowSlothBoogie first brought this to our attention, and it’s been in our heads ever since: a rolling house track with genuine groove, it’s addictive. This duo are going places (and TEED’s a fan too).

7. Duke Dumont – The Giver: Another contender for personality of the year, DD has mastered some incredibly infectious beats this year. This house anthem is a party starter, boasting one of the most recognised vocals of the year. Listen out for this early 2013 release too, it’s going to be EVEN BIGGER.

8. Jessie Ware – 110%: What a year it’s been for Jessie Ware. She heralded the spring with this gem of a tune: on an album with many highlights, ‘110%’ stands out as three and a half minutes of pop perfection.

9. PillowTalk – The Real Thing: There’s been some great samples this year and this track sees the San Fran trio from the Wolf + Lamb family do the nip and tuck on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s classic ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’. If this song don’t make you smile big, you’re dead inside. It’s glorious.

10. Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State remix): Maribou State’s rework of Ultraista is a thing of great beauty: a fragile start gives way to warm synths and gorgeous melodies in one of the most pleasant tracks of the year.

And they can all be heard on our Best of 2012 playlist. It’s a real treat.