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Sia – Elastic Heart (Clams Casino Remix)

The blessed relief when a credible producer does a remix of your guilty pleasure pop track…

Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ is a bona fide tune and Clams Casino (not of these parts for some time, welcome back!) has stripped out some of the chart elements and left us with a tense, taut remix that’ll stay with you.

Also, and maybe we’re the last to realise this, but Sia’s album is her SIXTH studio album and she’s done a bucketload before hitting the global popstar bigtime. Like this:


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Clams Casino – Bookfiend (Feat. DOOM)

Now this is a treat.
Having been keeping himself to himself recently (bar some choice ASAP interventions), Clams Casino has sprung a spring surprise on us with this collaboration. With DOOM.
DOOM’s languid flow fits nicely with Clams’ faded backdrop, and we can only hope it signals more from both of them, maybe even together.
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Big K.R.I.T. – R.E.M.

Whilst we wouldn’t have put Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. together with blubstep crooner James Blake, it just about works… K.R.I.T has sampled ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ to great effect for ‘R.E.M.’, a cut from his upcoming mixtape ‘King Remembered In Time’. Like the video, it’s a dreamy showcase for K.R.I.T’s underapdrpreciated flow and the transferable melodies ofrem Mr. Blake.

Since we’re here, it would be a shame not to give Clams Casino’s remix of K.R.I.T’s ‘Moon and Stars’ another listen. It’s THAT GOOD.

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Dominic Lord – Pierce

Meet Dominic Lord. He was an early member of the ASAP Mob (mostly as a designer – he created the ubiquitous VSVP stuff for upmarket hip hop fashion house Black Scale) but has recently forged out under his own steam. He’s astutely teamed up with Glaswegian beatster Hudson Mohawke to put out his first public release, ‘Pierce’.

Like peers from the ASAP Mob, Dominic’s making wall-of-sound, drawled hip-hop. Catchy but punchy rhymes bring to mind Kid Cudi but produced by Clams Casino. It’s no surprise that Geffen, Warner Bros and Def Jam, amongst others, are sniffing around to tie him down.

The video, directed by Aram Bedrossian, is also worth a watch, brings to mind those pictures that look like a vase, but also two people facing each other. Slightly less rock n roll than the last Dominic Lord vid to hit the web though.


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ASAP Rocky – Palace

The ASAP mob, led from the front by rapper ASAP Rocky, are the latest hip hop collective to generate serious Odd Future-style hype Stateside (they’re currently engaged in a somewhat half-hearted beef with the OFWGKTA lot).

Much of this hype has been generated by ASAP Rocky’s latest mixtape, currently given away on the free (not for long – “My mixtape is a classic” he says. “It’s only right to put it out at retail.”)

It’s easy to see why. Fellow mob member Clams Casino pulls the strings on standout tracks ‘Palace’ and ‘Bass’, taking time out from his solo output on NY’s witch house imprint, TriAngle Records (also home to noisy depressives Balam Acab). Atmospheric slow burner ‘Leaf’ also sees a guest spot for Main Attrackionz, who is no stranger to these pages.

The lyrics are full of blunts and 40s, and the spaced-out vibe and oddball wordplay evoke artists like Tyler, the Creator and Lil B. It’s not often you can get your hands on a mixtape of this quality for free – we suggest you download it before he puts it out at retail.

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