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Bondax – All I See (TCTS Remix)

This one nearly slipped through the net which quite frankly would’ve been a travesty. The Greco-Roman-affiliated producer TCTS is on the remix for Bondax here, and as Annie Mac says, he’s on fire. He’s given the already catchy single a boost by adding in an excellent summer-sounding piano loop, amongst other things.

TCTS’ very own ‘Games’ EP came out just a few weeks ago. Certainly worth your time.

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Bondax – All I See

The sun is out and, with the summer jams coming thick and fast, Bondax get in on the action. ‘All I See’ even has ambient seaside sound effects during the intro, and it couldn’t be any more summery if it slathered itself in sunscreen and got changed into a pair of flip flops.

Having firmly established that THAT photo was absolutely not them, it’s good to have the the Lancaster duo back making music. The lyrics contain a lot of platitudinous stuff about senses coming alive, never wanting to leave, and aligning with the stars, but frankly who cares? It’s just a very big tune.

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Bondax – Giving it All (Joe Goddard Remix)

Joe Goddard, he of Hot Chip and The 2 Bears, has gone and shown us/the world why he’s also one of our favourite remixers out there. You know, besides the two successful groups he’s in.

He’s stepped into a crowded field and reworked ‘Giving it All’ by Lancaster’s finest, Bondax. This is in advance of guesting at their debut London show (together with LOADS of other HD faves):

If you like the rhythmic, chiming flow of Goddard’s work then enjoy these two. We’re going to pop them both on right now:

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Bondax – Giving It All (Friend Within Remix)

Liverpudlian Friend Within has gone from strength to strength since he landed on our radar back in March. He was on remix duties for HDP star Harry Wolfman’s co-written deep house ’96 Affair’ EP. Since then he’s managed to push Fatboy Slim’s classic ‘Renegade Master’ back on the scene, simultaneously securing pride of place as the first release on Disclosure’s label Method Records. It was the B-side to ‘The Scene’, the hefty number the brothers Lawrence premiered on their Essential Mix just ten days ago. Both tunes are quality, head here to purchase the whole EP.

And for his next offering? He’s remixed Bondax’s ‘Giving It All’, and in doing so has created a heady, piano-led party tune. He’s going places, this lad.

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Oneman, xxxy & Bondax mixes

Mixes, mixes, everywhere. Couple of longer ones here to keep you trucking this Friday.

First up is the one man you’d most want spinning the tunes at your house party, Oneman. His two hour mix for the Diplo & Friends show on Radio 1 and 1xtra is 50 songs worth of goodness, seamlessly weaving club house, R&B, grime and more as only he can do.  The (lengthy) tracklist can be found here.

Second up and repping Manchester is producer and selector xxxy. Taken from his recent set for Red Bull Music Academy at SonarSound in Tokyo last month, imagine it as the slightly reserved but intense cousin of the mix above. Listen here.

Finally, it’d be remiss if we didn’t also point you in the direction of an unashamedly fun new mix from Bondax for XLR8R. In advance of their first LP later this year, remind yourself why everyone bloody loves these two and download the mix here. If you needed more convincing, it includes this bundle of fun:

Those should keep you going.

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Bondax – Gold

Likely lads of twenty thirteen Bondax are back with their new single ‘Gold’, released on their own label Justus Recordings in January. They’re in their teens, they’re making great music and they’ve got their own label. Hats off to them.

‘Gold’ is as impressive as previous releases ‘Baby I Got That’ and ‘It’s You’. It’s bouncy, it’s soulful, it’s, dare we say it, sounding fresh. While you‘re there, why not delve into their recent remix of Rudimental’s ‘Not Giving In’. These guys are going places, good places.

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Bondax – Baby I Got That

Lancashire duo Bondax have been making waves recently, thanks in part to heavy support from Annie Mac. Their sound has the same blend of electronic sensibilities and laid back hip hop beats that Star Slinger has perfected to such success in recent years (and it’s no surprise that the hirsute Mancunian remixed their last single, ‘You’re So‘). It’s a sound that evokes works of genius from Metske (recently) and Chromeo (not so recently) and it’s right up our street. Impressive work from ones so young. We’d like to buy them a drink, but only one of them would be legally allowed to drink it.

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Watermat – All My Love (TCTS Remix)

We love a TCTS remix, we do.

Sam O’Neill adds feel-good flavours to this piano house track from German producer Watermät. Similar vibe to what he did to Bondax’s ‘All I See’, another one to perk up your Mondays:

SOHN @ Gorilla, Manchester

HD took a trip up North to catch SOHN play live last night at Manc underground venue Gorilla.  Amidst all the Warehouse Project-related chaos in Manchester during the winter months, Gorilla will play host to some of the most exciting talents in electronic music, including Dan Shake and Bondax, and it’s a venue well worth checking out.

Originally born in South London, Christopher Taylor a.k.a SOHN relocated to Vienna in 2012 and his music reflects perfectly the difference between the two cities. He pairs hectic soundscapes with lonely vocal stretches, not afraid to leave seemingly endless silences for the audience to wonder what’s to come. Melancholy is a consistent theme throughout, with his sorrowful vocals at the heart of the music, but it’s soulful too and songs like ‘Lights’ are borderline groovy.

This mix of tranquillity and chaos in his music translated amazingly into a live performance, not least because he shows himself to be an incredible musician. He began with more down-tempo numbers such as ‘Bloodflows’ and ‘Oscillate’ and, after a pause and a warning of what was to come, he ramped things up in the second half, belting out ‘The Wheel’ to the crowd’s delight. Backed by a stunning lights show, SOHN provided a visual and audio delight.

Sadly he’s now embarking on a three month world tour but after last night, could it be worth a trip to Brooklyn next month?

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Wayward – Belize

After landing on the HD map last year with one of our best tracks of 2013*, London duo Wayward are back with a peach. ‘Belize’ is laid-back, tropical and that little bit Cafe del Mar. In a good way. Beth Aggett beautifully provides the lung power – if you recognize her, Bondax’s ‘Giving It All’ may be the place.

Make it to the 3 minute mark and you’re in for a treat too.

‘Belize’ is the B-side to their upcoming release ‘Speak On It’. Out on Black Butter Records.

*Here’s that gem from last year, ‘Love Jones’:




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