Dems – Gold

Dems have got political. We’ve been following the London threepiece’s trajectory for half a decade now and it’s not one that has been characterised by rage. But when they were evicted from their South London work space to make room for more luxury flats in a city that surely has enough by now, they decided to make a statement through their music.

‘Gold’ is the result and, while the themes represent a departure from their previous material, fans will be pleased to hear exactly the kinds of lush melodies and layered production that have made their music such a pleasure up to this point. Suitably given the topic, ‘Gold’ loses some of the fragility of their early work. Instead it slides into a distorted, echoey refrain that stays with you and hammers home Dems’ message to the developers changing the shape of their city. With a new London mayor starting work this week, it’s a message that couldn’t be more apposite.


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