Maribou State – Portraits Outtakes

Portraits Outtakes’ is a collection of three previously unreleased Maribou State tracks from their 2015 album, ‘Portraits’.

With its ethereal opening in ‘November Nights’, the steel drum-infused waltz of ‘Manila’ and the grandiose, well-orchestrated finale on ‘Colours in The Sea’ it feels like an EP in its own right. Once again the London-based duo show off their ability to skilfully weave together an array of sounds from across the spectrum and continue their DIY approach to writing tunes.

Their live sets will no doubt be where the real magic is and it’s no surprise they’ve got a sold-out show coming up at KOKO in mid-February. Jealz of all you ticket holders for that one.

In other MS news, they’ve recently made a welcome return to collaborating with Pedestrian. He’s dropping a four-track concept EP entitled ‘Circadian Rhythms’, with each track representing a particular time of day. ‘JNT’ is the 4AM 2-step roller and finishes off the record, winding down where the opener ‘Simple Minded At Dawn’ begins all over again. Intriguing, we hope you’ll agree.

Get your pre-orders in for that here, it’s due for release on Dama Dama – a label recently set up by both Maribou State and Pedestrian. If you missed the chance to see them at their label launch party in February fear not, they’ll both be playing at Shapes on April 15th for another Dama Dama knees up.

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