Soccer96 – Flight Formation (Danny Krivit Edit)

One for the vinyl heads.

The whole ‘Flight Formation’ package has been floating around for months now. It consists of Brighton outfit Soccer96‘s wonderful original, Glenn Astro’s DJ Friendly Edit and this cheeky number from Danny Krivit. The tune’s got that well-thought-out and finely-crafted feel that all instant classics do, and considering the jazzy affair’s finally seeing a vinyl release we thought it was worth a post.

It seems apt that our pals over at Wotnot Music are releasing this. If you’re unfamiliar with the London-based label, they’ve established a solid rep for creativity having had previous releases from K-15, Henry Wu and Deft.

Looking ahead they’ve got a lot on their plates to be excited about, with new material from Danny Clark, the Gent Mason-produced Tabanca and the below.

‘Do What You Do’ is by Aurora Dee Raynes (collab between Touchy Subject and Danielle Kranendonk) and Thump describing it as ‘the best acid trip you never took‘ should be enough to make you press play.

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