Thrupence – New Light

Slight change of pace here:

Thrupence is the artist and he’s from Melbourne. We say artist, he actually is an artist. Jack Vanzet’s his name and he specialises in graphic design, typography, illustration and the like. It’s all colourful stuff. A quick scan down his work and you’ll be able to sniff out the Future Classic affiliation rightaway.

So he draws for FC and he writes music for FC. And good music too. ‘New Light’ (that pensive GEM above) has been on repeat at HD HQ for days now. A little digging into his repertoire shows he’s been doing it for years and he’s got a wealth of talent too. ‘Synchronous Bloom’ is another stand-out:

You can download ‘New Lines’ as part of Future Classic’s 2015 Sampler here. And for yet more on the Australian label, check out the tasty teaser vid to their US tour. If you’re reading this from the other side of the pond, do the right thing. Details on their site.

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