The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time – ‘Song Of Storms’ (Lancelot Bootleg)

Something for the gamers out there.

At the very end of the last century, arguably the greatest video games of all time arrived in the UK. That game was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’, an unbelievably engrossing adventure RPG, that saw the protagonist Link try and stop the evil Ganondorf from procuring the sacred Triforce (and thus plunging the Kingdom of Hyrule into eternal darkness) by riding horses, firing arrows at stuff, completing puzzles, traveling through time, hitting puberty, using magic, being eaten by a giant fish, and playing some banging tunes on an Ocarina…

One of said tunes is the ‘Song of Storms’, (first taught to Link by Guru-Guru in the windmill located in Kakariko Village). Anjunadeep stalwart Lancelot is a big fan. So much so, he’s lovingly remixed the ‘Song of Storms’ into a tasty house track, complete with samples of Link’s combat sound effects. Rad.


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