Navar – Moments In Life

A couple of years ago, Human Drizzle’s resident DJ Hot Karl stumbled across a remix of 80’s warbler Cindy Lauper ‘True Colours’. The remix was by a couple of producers; one called Ferdy, the other called Navar. It’s really great and will be familiar to those hardcore fans who make it down to see Hot Karl in action during the (very) early parts of our Human Drizzle Presents nights.

Whilst we struggled to find any sign of what Ferdy is up to now – in the three minutes we dedicated to researching it over our Weetos this morning – we are happy to say that Navar is apparently thriving on his own, and he has a new EP out.

‘Moments In Life’ will be released at some point in November, and at this stage we can only bring you previews of the tracks. But what previews they are. The title track is a proper hands-in-the-air, goosebump-inducer, reminiscent of all of the best bits of that ‘True Colours’ remix. The remix by 16 Bit Lolitas isn’t too bad either.

microCastle are being coy with the exact release date this month (although Amazon reckon a digital version will be available on the 24th). Enjoy these previews until they reveal all.

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