Few Nolder – Moli EP

Lithuanian Few Nolder is back with a brand spanking new release on the excellent Connaisseur Recordings. This is the ‘Moli’ EP.

It comprises three tracks – ‘Twin’, ‘Sonar’ and ‘Moli’ – that have a noticeable connection running through them. ‘Twin’ is the most dancefloor-friendly, with a steady build up that doesn’t simply reduce the track to a ‘club banger’.

‘Sonar’ is a darker, deeper sound, and ‘Moli’ is the most complex track on the release, both subtle and beautiful.

Few Nolder continues to impress then, and we look forward to getting our hands on this one in December.

It’s also worth mentioning that one of our most eagerly awaited tracks of 2014 is due to be released on Connaisseur at some point soon. ‘Elido’ by Sam K cropped up over the summer, yet was seemingly impossible to get hold of. Great news that we’ll be able to grab this one finally. Here’s a little taste…

“I will build you a castle with a tower so high…”

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