WotNotMusic Presents: Measure2Measure

Measure2measureFriends of HD WotNot Music are an eclectic bunch. If you’re unaware, they’re a London-based label that focuses hard on creativity, having had quality releases from the likes of Deft, Kab Driver and Belle to name a few.

However when they’re not releasing records*, hosting their weekly radio show on Hoxton FM or giving away free musical advent calendars (you need to check all of these out btw) they’re hosting regular parties on Friday nights at Broadway Market’s very own speakeasy venue, The Souls Broadway E8.

What’s special about this night? They describe Measure2Measure as a night of boogie, soul and funk and if this pre-party mix by K-15 is anything to go by, there ain’t no other place we recommend you wiggling your tail this Friday night. Tickets? You don’t need one, cos it’s bleedin’ well free. Save the money for a cocktail on arrival.

Tell your mates about it here and don’t forget your dancing shoes.


*Releasing records is their main bag, so if you’re keen to hear more from Wotnot here’s a pick of their bunch…

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