Front To Back – One Day

You thought one festival post was enough for today, didn’t you? Wrong. Party time.

One Day is a new day-nighter, held just outside of London on the 21st of June. It’s hosted by Front To Back, who are also heavily involved with July’s excellent Farr Festival, whilst the music is taken care of by Innervisions, Rush Hour, Saints Don’t Sleep and friends of Human Drizzle, Bade Records.

one day

This isn’t a festival though; they are harking back to the old parties of the early 90’s that used to litter the home counties. To be honest, we missed out on the original scene due to being in Play Group, so we’re going to check it out and we’re really excited.

There’s plenty going on and One Day have managed to pull together a very interesting mix of artists. The day session offers disco and lots of it, headed up by Amsterdam’s Tom Trago, who has done this exclusive mix for Front To Back…

…and Hunee, who will be rubbing some funk on it…

They’ll be joined by San Proper and Maxi Mill. There’s additional support in Tent 2 from the Saints Don’t Sleep ensemble. We like this particular mix that Larj Hans & The OK Jones Band did for Trouble Vision last year.

As night falls, the BBQs will be tidied away, the cocktails will have taken their hazy hold, sunkissed skin will be tightening up and the Funktion One will drop down a level as a hugely talented line up gives us enough house and techno to keep things bubbling until 6 am.

Where to start here…

Firstly, Innervisions duo Marcus Worgull and Konstantin Sibold will be bringing some Berlin gravitas to the night time, thanks to their readily identifiable brand of ‘smart house’.

Meanwhile, the boys from Bade are out in force and will dropping some of our favourite tracks of 2014. Here’s a little preview of what to expect, as selected and carefully put together by James Sison and Edward Antonio.

If you want further insight (you won’t) into our budding love affair with Bade and the guys playing next Saturday, then look no further than here, here and here.

Goddamn we’re up for it after going through all those tunes. What else do you need to know? Oh yes, there’s a campsite for those that need to grab some shut-eye before returning to the real world, and 21 June is the summer solstice, so…it’s…a…really…long day…ideal for maximising…dancing (I guess that’s the idea behind the whole thing, isn’t it?).

All that’s left to do is GET A TICKET and come join us. Chop chop!



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