Kölsch – Papageno

There has been a deluge of unbelievably good tracks coming to our attention recently, and there doesn’t seem to be any let up in sight (cue two months of absolute guff on these pages…)

Dane/Danish-man/Denmarkian Kölsch has just popped his new EP for Kompakt out on the web for public consumption. The only thing we can say is that both of these tunes are out of this world.

We struggle at the best of times to find the concise phraseology that best defines the music we post. This is no exception. ‘Papageno’ ft Waa Industry is a bonkers electro-ey-house assault on the senses, before turning into a thing of rare, shimmering beauty.

The B-side ‘Cassiopeia’ is a much more straight-laced affair, with Kölsch drawing heavily from the brilliant ‘Der Alte’. Here though, we have the addition of strings, courtesy of Gregor Schwellenbach. We’d be worried about you if you didn’t get a warm feeling at 02:05 when the beat comes back in.

And we’ll just put this here for anyone who’s interested…

Totally magnificent. Available on 30th June thanks to Kompakt. And on this evidence, get out to see Kölsch asap.


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