Alexander Christian – Lente

Fresh from hosting room two at Tessellate’s Plan B party this Saturday, the Bade Records boys are back with their second release. It’s an absolute gem too. Dutch producer Alexander Christian makes his debut on these pages with the ‘Lente’ EP.

The first track – ‘Lente’ – is a slow burning, brooding tune, which evolves to reveal an ‘atmospheric horn for the ages’ (their words, not ours). This is top stuff from Alexander. ‘Bloom’ on the B-side might just pip it though; a patient, dreamy synth ride with a deep beat. Perhaps we prefer it because it’s only Monday lunchtime and we’re still coming to terms with things, but both tracks are well worth investing some time in this afternoon.

Available for you to purchase on the 30th June. We’re also very excited to be checking out Alexander Christian in the flesh at One Day festival a week on Saturday. He’ll be there alongside other Bade Records alumni Kesper, James Sison and Ben Böhmer, as well as Tom Trago, Marcus Worgull, Konstantin Sibold, and a host of others on the Innervisions stage.

We’ll see you down there.

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