Lake People – Night Drive

Lake People, Germany’s Martin Enke, has been one of our favourite producers for the last year or so, ever since we first clapped our ears on his mesmerising remix of ‘Ordinary’ by Kollectiv Turmstrasse.

One of the unsung heroes of 2013 that one. Here, Martin is back again with two new house cuts for Guy Gerber’s Rumors label, already rattling through the releases. This is the third this year and third since it’s inception (Dixon and Guy handled the labels launch with some aplomb…)

‘Night Drive’ is a two-track EP. The eponymous side A, has a beat reminiscent of ‘Ordinary’ but is much more restrained. ‘No Turning Back’ on the B side is our favourite, with a cloudy background piano fading in and out, and a busy synth in the foreground.

If you like some of the tracks already released on Rumors, or you’re a fan of Guy Gerber/Dixon/Lake People et al, you’ll be right at home here. Its out now.

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