Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep

We’re breaking the unspoken rule of music blogs here by posting a track that has been out for several whole months (we know, we’re sorry) – but when a chorus is this good, exceptions must be made. When said chorus comes in after one and a half minutes of the usual nondescript bassy shuffling, the world becomes a significantly better place.

It renders instantly irrelevant the fact that not much happens after that. And that we have heard very little from Dutch producers Ferreck Dawn or Redondo before or since. And that the latter’s moniker appears to have nothing to do with iconic Argentine footballer Fernando Redondo.

We live in a fast-moving world, for good or ill. Your children will not be writing their PhD theses on this track, but you really won’t care about its lack of nuance when you’re dancing to it on a beach this summer with your hands in the air, a Tequila Gimlet in your hand, and some crap Wayfarers on your head. So we suggest you just enjoy it.

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3 thoughts on “Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep

  1. Robin S. says:

    Robin S – Show Me Love

    The chorus is the same of the 90’s dance song by Robin S – Show Me Love

  2. […] and the June edition of our popular playlist series contains a veritable aural cornucopia, from Ferreck Dawn & Redondo‘s summer banger to the nasty sounds of Moonwalk, via blissed-out summer vibes from Paradise […]

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