Sharam – Tripi

We chastise ourselves at HD towers when we bring you a new tune that has been ripped from the radio. It’s frowned upon, seen as lazy journalism and is a big no-no in the Human Drizzle brand guidelines (available upon request). You deserve the clearest high definition melodies and that is what we strive to give you. 

Then again, sometimes a track comes along that we get so excited about that we just cannot wait to share it with you. Take, for example, ‘Tripi’ by Iranian progressive and tech-house producer Sharam. When he heard this absolute mauler of a track on the Essential Selection last weekend, we knew we had to bring it to you.
Sharam is one half of Deep Dish, who you may remember for this a few years ago. They are having something of a renaissance in 2014, with toe-tapper ‘Quincy’ getting a lotta love on the blogosphere.
Doesn’t really compare to ‘Tripi’ in our eyes though. It’s a full-on banger, and sure to be a biggie this summer. Perfect warm up material if you’re heading out this weekend (we’ll be at Shapes in Hackney for Cyril Hahn/T.Williams/Javeon/Lone on Saturday.)
So, we’re sorry Pete Tong MBE is chatting all over it, but we think you can get enough of a flavour to make it worth your while. Out on Seth Troxler’s Play It Say It! label at some point soon.

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