Kesper – Moonwalk EP

We’ve been loving the releases and podcasts coming out of new Leeds-based label Bade Records in 2014. Now, another label from the north has caught our attention with a brilliant new release. Slipstone Records is a brand new digital and vinyl label, with the sole aim of showcasing new, raw emerging talent from the UK house and techno scene. The focus is on music that is atmospheric and emotive, that captivates the listener.

Well, they’ve certainly nailed it with their first EP ‘Moonwalk’ which is out in May. The man at the helm is Kesper, who’s previously released on Bristol’s Banoffee Pies and on this evidence has some future ahead of him. Three beautifully crafted tracks, that sit between techno and house, and certainly pull on that emotive sound that is prominent from major labels in Hamburg and Berlin at the moment.

On the B-side, there are two tracks, both measured and ambient, but with a nicely weighted beat. The first, ‘Afterglow’, is the more urgent of the two, with ‘Transmission’ using the back-and-forth of a radio conversation as its basis, before that gradually gets swamped by the rising waves.

The real standout track on the EP for us, though, is ‘Re-Entry’ sitting on it’s lonesome on the A-side. A growling, darker track than the others, it slowly builds, before collapsing, only to grow again before continually crescendoing over the final four minutes. It’s absolutely hypnotic, and you don’t want it to end.

You can catch Kesper at One Day festival on 21 June. Bade Records are hosting a stage alongside Innervisions, and with Tom Trago, Marcus Worgull and Konstantin Sibold on the bill, it’s one we can’t wait for.

As for Slipstone Records, the bar has been set high with this first imprint. They’ll be unveiling it officially on 7 May at Wire in Leeds,  and we look forward to hearing a lot more from them very soon.

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