Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants

Mystery man Ten Walls (is he really Mario Basanov in disguise?) is back with a brand new banger, and it’s out on his/her/their new label Boso.  

‘Walking With Elephants’ is distinctively Ten Walls, with the electro-tuba sound of ‘Gotham’, and the urgency of ‘Requiem’, both of which featured on many a ‘TOP TRACKS OF 2013’ list. The general feedback so far has been unbelievably positive, with some people claiming ‘Walking With Elephants’ is the track of 2014 already. Seems slightly churlish to proclaim that in March, and we’d maybe liked to have seen a bit more variety from Ten Walls’ previous releases, but, then again, why change a winning formula?

What is certainly clear is that this tune is gonna be massive. Given Ten Walls’ current standing on the deep house scene, this will be one that clubbers will undoubtedly be hearing a helluva lot over the spring and summer. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the next release from Boso too. 

One thought on “Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants

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