Aquilo – You There

Aquilo are a duo who’ve been holed up in their hometown of Silverdale in the Lake District for the last few months to come up with this beauty, ‘You There’. You can practically (but not quite) hear said lakes in the drawn out string sections and sparse piano. And the vocals are nothing short of angelic. For the more fragile amongst you this Monday, don’t go near it. It may send you over the edge.

This joins last year’s ‘Calling Me’ as their second track to date. With their debut EP due out soon, something tells us these guys are going to be generating all sorts of column inches.

2 thoughts on “Aquilo – You There

  1. […] neck of the woods, Aquilo are a duo who graced these pages back in February with the beautiful ‘You There’ and have been gathering big support for their dulcet tones and reflective atmospherics. With a […]

  2. […] duo from the Lake District won over the entire blogosphere back in February with ‘You There’, one of our favourite down tempo pop songs of the year. Since then their ethereal sound has been […]

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