Human Drizzle: The Mixtape, Valentines Day Special | Laurence Guy

483668_487617934630936_1682182920_nDespite what you might think from the fast-lovin’ lifestyle we obviously live at Human Drizzle, we’ve got a romantic side too. And so, given it’s the fourteenth day of the second month today, it’s time for HD to dim the lights, undo a couple of buttons on our black satin shirt, expose some chest rug and show you how it’s done…

Well not really, actually. Whilst we’re prepared to shell out for some Peruvian tapas on Valentine’s Day to keep Hallmark happy, we can’t claim to be smooth, suave or in any way ‘sexy’. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it when someone else has got the moves. So, thank you very much to Mr Laurence Guy with his wonderfully louche Valentines mixtape. Very kindly, he’s allowed us to bring this 62 minutes of soul and funk to your attention as something of an exclusive. Good man, that Laurence.

And the man’s got some game. In March 2013, Laurence was picked up by Ben Pearce‘s Purp & Soul and became one of their family, he released tracks on labels such as London’s ISM Records, Manchester’s Purp & Soul & the recent House of Kolour compilation with an EP due on House of Disco.

Just goes to show we’re not exclusively about dancefloor-shredders here at HD, and you’d basically have to be dead not to appreciate the groove on this mixtape. Absolutely perfect for some Valentine’s loving. Enjoy yourself.

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