Bade Records | Podcast 001 – James Sison

Last week Bade Records was born. Based between London and Leeds, the label promises to ‘showcase the highest quality of deep, melodic and emotive house and techno for your listening pleasure from talents across the world’. Bade tell us they have two EPs lined up for 2014 with artists from Berlin and Amsterdam, but their debut podcast is a little closer to home. Coming from label boss James Sison, it nonetheless fits the label ethos nicely. A subtle 52-minute mix that’s big on depth and melody, it takes the listener on a journey – but a very stress-free journey: one that probably includes lounge access, unlimited iced beverages, a cashmere eye mask and a cradle seat offering an angle of recline of at least 160 degrees. Anyway, it’s a smooth ride. The mix has also introduced us to the gem below from Ben Böhmer. All in all, promising stuff.

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One thought on “Bade Records | Podcast 001 – James Sison

  1. […] couple of months ago we brought you the exceptional inaugural podcast from Bade Records, an interesting new label coming out of Leeds and London. Since then we’ve […]

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