Todd Terje – Q/Spiral

Norway’s Todd Terje is a man that seems to produce tunes that fly in the face of his home country’s cold climate. He was at his brilliant balmy best when Human Drizzle saw him at Unknown on the sun-kissed Adriatic back in September and he produced our second favourite track of 2012; ‘Inspector Norse’, effectively the musical equivalent of a funk-infused hot water bottle.

He then followed that up with the chiming, Lindstrøm co-scribed, Disko version of ‘Strandbar‘. Seeming to set the tone for the summer just gone, it was written for a linen shirt and a pair of sky blue espadrilles. Luckily today he’s unveiled a couple of new treats for us as the British winter decides the time for taking prisoners is no more.

‘Q’ is a glorious, slowly building Scando-house beauty, entering Pachanga Boys territory by clocking in at over 12 minutes.

Then there’s the EP’s title track, ‘Spiral’. Again, bordering epic in length, it multiplies and builds and grows and layers all the way to a red hot conclusion. It’s goose-bump stuff.

The best news about all of this is that Todd has been keeping this hidden for the past month, and it’s actually available to buy today. So there’s no need to stock up on Bovril, buy that mattress topper or worry about the Big 6 shafting you on your energy bill. This is all you need to keep you warm tonight.

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