Julia Losfelt – Up Today (Dream Koala Remix)

After featuring the epic sounding, visual masterpiece that was Dream Koala’s ‘Odyssey’ a fortnight ago, we’re thrilled to see the 19-year-old Germanic ‘laptop artist’ has dropped some new material. Continuing to explore the post-rock sound it is, his own work it’s not. He’s tweaked Julia Losfelt’s ‘Up Today’, the first track off Parisian youngster’s ‘Quiet Storm’ EP. Sparse and strangely seductive, the original’s a winner for a Monday morning loosener:

We’re struggling to find any UK dates in store for either parties, but keep an eye on both Julia Losfelt and Dream Koala’s FB pages for updates. Here’s that vid we mentioned in case you missed it:

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One thought on “Julia Losfelt – Up Today (Dream Koala Remix)

  1. […] Not just a pretty name, his sweeping, epic electronic style has pricked our ears since the grand, Terence Malick-inspired ‘Tree Of Life’ and the slow build of his Julia Losfelt remix. […]

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