Human Drizzle Presents @ Peckham Palais

With the chapter now closed on the fourth instalment of Human Drizzle Presents, we’d like to say a massive thank you to all those who came down to the glamorous Peckham Palais on Friday night. Massive props to Clancy, Mighty Mouse, Black Magic Disco and newcomer Hot Karl, who kept the dancefloor jumping all night with banger after banger.

The list really is endless but Black Magic Disco’s garage-infused set was finished superbly with the above excellent Friend Within remix of Fatboy Slim’s classic. Mighty Mouse kept the momentum going with two hours jam-packed with feel-good tones, paving the way very nicely for Clancy to take things an incy bit deeper before the close of play. The epic piano house of Kolsch’s ‘Der Alte’ is still ringing in our ears:

Check out the first photos below (courtesy of the excellent Associated Luminosity) and keep your eye on our Facebook page for the full set. That was the last Human Drizzle Presents of 2013, but fear not. Plans are already coming together for our next night – a post-January pick-me-up/pre-Valentine’s Day blow-out on Friday 7th February 2014.


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