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Wayward – Marvin (VIP Remix)

Any HD twitter followers out there may already be bored of us harping on about a particular ‘Love Jones’ by Wayward. We featured it on these pages at the end of October and have been listening to it non-stop since. Featuring an Eddie Kendricks classic sample, it’s a piece of powerful pop that could quite possibly end up in our ‘Best of the Year’ lists.

Released alongside this is the B-side ‘Marvin’, which they’ve recently spruced up by giving it a VIP remix themselves. Whilst verging into UK bass territory, this track similarly explores a little bit of trickery with a classic vocal sample.

More fun from hot-as-you-like London duo Wayward. ‘Love Jones’ and ‘Marvin’ are yours to buy from 2nd December on London’s Aesop label.

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Dan Croll – Home (Yuksek Remix)

And now for some pop music.

Dan Croll; often overlooked as the silent partner in creating ‘From Nowhere’, only for Ben Gomori to divert our attention with his corking ‘Staring You In The Eye’ remix. We like that one a lot, and we feel we talk about how much we like it a fair bit too.

Anyway, Dan has now come up with ‘Home’ and this time it’s been remixed by French producer, DJ and one-man-band Pierre-Alexandre Busson, AKA Yuksek.

Basically, this is a really tasty slice of French electro-pop pie. Enjoy it.

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Huxley – Creeper

Hot off the press – new one from Huxley.

‘Creeper’ is…well…a creeper. It’s got Huxley’s now easily identifiable banging garage-house beat, whilst being moody and atmospheric.

Huxley is playing a lot of UK gigs in the lead up to Christmas…which is very good of him.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse

Mixing up the tempo a little bit with this one. The tune’s called ‘Collapse’ and is by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Also known as Tim Bettinson, he creates atmospheric sounds all the way from Brisbane, Australia. Although he caused a stir with ‘Vapour’ a few months back, he’s due to release an EP with the following, details to follow soon.

There’s nothing totally original about Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s work. There sure is an irresistible fragility to his voice that draws immediate comparisons to Mr Iver – but that doesn’t bother us when the music is this good. It’s delicate and it’s heavy with emotion, and coming from a seventeen year old there’s a lot of potential here. Feast your ears on ‘Vapour’ if you missed it:


CHVRCHES – Lies (Lxury Remix)

As part of the remix package CHVRCHES are releasing on Virgin Records on 2nd December, here’s Lxury’s rework of ‘Lies’, a shimmering and bouncy four minutes of fun.

We wouldn’t like to overuse the phrase ‘one to watch’, but we’ve been keeping a close eye on Lxury since we fell for his debut release ’J.A.W.S/We Do’ back in September. Not only was this catchy release shifted through Disclosure’s very own imprint Method Records, but the brothers Lawrence dropped the A-side in their Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

This sits comfortably on the release with one of our most played of the month, the wonderful effort from Tourist:

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Todd Terje – Q/Spiral

Norway’s Todd Terje is a man that seems to produce tunes that fly in the face of his home country’s cold climate. He was at his brilliant balmy best when Human Drizzle saw him at Unknown on the sun-kissed Adriatic back in September and he produced our second favourite track of 2012; ‘Inspector Norse’, effectively the musical equivalent of a funk-infused hot water bottle.

He then followed that up with the chiming, Lindstrøm co-scribed, Disko version of ‘Strandbar‘. Seeming to set the tone for the summer just gone, it was written for a linen shirt and a pair of sky blue espadrilles. Luckily today he’s unveiled a couple of new treats for us as the British winter decides the time for taking prisoners is no more.

‘Q’ is a glorious, slowly building Scando-house beauty, entering Pachanga Boys territory by clocking in at over 12 minutes.

Then there’s the EP’s title track, ‘Spiral’. Again, bordering epic in length, it multiplies and builds and grows and layers all the way to a red hot conclusion. It’s goose-bump stuff.

The best news about all of this is that Todd has been keeping this hidden for the past month, and it’s actually available to buy today. So there’s no need to stock up on Bovril, buy that mattress topper or worry about the Big 6 shafting you on your energy bill. This is all you need to keep you warm tonight.

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TCTS – These Heights (Detroit Swindle Mile High Club Mix)

Dutch duo Detroit Swindle have enjoyed a stonking 2013. Hot Karl popped this in his Human Drizzle Presents set at the Peckham Palais. They are back on form here, with a rolling remix of TCTS‘ ‘These Heights’.

Mile High Club indeed. It’s out now. The original is also definitely worth a listen too, and is also out now, on Greco-Roman.

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Chris Malinchak – Call My Name

New material from Chris Malinchak, anyone? It’s the first we’ve heard from the New Yorker since ‘So Into You’ three months ago, and ‘Call My Name’ is a compelling little number – featuring the kind of chord progression that made Malinchak’s name: alongside insistent vocal loops, low key percussion, and a great little drop at 4:55. All in all it’s far moodier and deeper than some of his distinctly sunny previous work but, as the nights draw in and the winds pick up, perhaps this is just what’s required for the winter. It’s certainly great to hear from the man.

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Panda – No More

West Country threepiece Panda may just be our favourite producers right now. Their brilliant EP ‘Eighty Nine’ was pleasingly diverse – opening with the blistering retro pianos of the title track and ending with the more experimental, atmospheric ‘The Storm’.

Just five days later, they’re back. Today they unveiled ‘No More’ to commemorate reaching 3000 Soundcloud followers. Very much evoking the EP’s livelier side, ‘No More’ is a swirling four minutes of giddy house music that leaves you with the unshakeable sense that these three chaps are really going places.

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Cropper – Forever

Brighton-based label Blah Blah Blah Records unveil their first official music video to mark the release of their tenth record. The track’s called ‘Forever’ by a UK producer called Cropper, and its soulful garage feel is very catchy indeed. The video was recently hosted by SubSoul, check it out below. You can opre-order copes of this here, it’s released on 2nd December.

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