Dream Koala – Odyssey

This video’s been thrown around the blogosphere for the last few days, and rightly so. It’s a 3D animated epic accompanying the new one from the fantastically-named Dream Koala. He’s a 19-year-old also known as Yndi Ferreira who’s just released his ‘Odyssey’ EP. Here’s the title track. Although the tune’s excellent in its own right, credit must be shown to Adrien Peze and Albin Merle, the creators of the vid. Inspired by Terence Malick’s ‘Tree Of Life’, it’s quite the piece of work. Have a peak:


2 thoughts on “Dream Koala – Odyssey

  1. […] featuring the epic sounding, visual masterpiece that was Dream Koala’s ‘Odyssey’ a fortnight ago, we’re thrilled to see the 19-year-old Germanic ‘laptop artist’ has […]

  2. […] sweeping, epic electronic style has pricked our ears since the grand, Terence Malick-inspired ‘Tree Of Life’ and the slow build of his Julia Losfelt […]

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