Lxury – We Do

Since it was dropped on Disclosure’s Essential Mix back in early August, ‘J.A.W.S’ by newcomer Luxury has racked up over 300,000 plays on his Soundcloud alone.

Since then he’s gone and done a Cat Stevens on us. A Prince. A J-Lo. Luxury made the big decision to drop the ‘u’ and has a BrandNu name, that of Lxury (Gold star if you can tell us who now performs under that BrandNu moniker…).

Tenuous name changes aside, Lxury’s recently uploaded the B-side to ‘J.A.W.S’, and it’s really rather good. Co-produced by Guy Lawrence of Disclosure fame, ‘We Do’ is as silky as its A-side (and many a Disclosure tune for that matter), and the main vocal is very catchy indeed.

Both ‘J.A.W.S’ and ‘We Do’ are available to buy now, right here. Unsurprisingly they are released via Disclosure’s very own imprint Method Records, which has seen a lot of air time on these pages of late.  Understandably so, check out these two quality recent releases from the label:

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