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Human Drizzle Presents…Mighty Mouse, Clancy & Black Magic Disco @ Peckham Palais

Human_Drizzle_flyer_print (1) - CopyAnd the Met Office reckon St Jude was the biggest thing hitting the South-East this week…

Human Drizzle Presents is now a little over 48 hours away. With thunderous looking House, Garage and Disco clouds gathering over SE15, we’ve been extremely busy battening down the hatches, buying supplies and getting the Peckham Palais equipped for you to come and take shelter.

Time is running out for you to reserve your space…so get to it!

Firstly, we have a trio of top DJs to help you through the driving rain and flying garden furniture. We are delighted to welcome Mighty Mouse to Peckham as he makes his Human Drizzle Presents debut. So many great tracks and remixes to be found on his Soundcloud that will warm your cockles and get you in the mood for Friday. Here are a couple we’ve cherry-picked for you…

Our old mucker and Human Drizzle Presents veteran – this is his second appearance – Clancy brings his growing reputation to the Palais. Long-term readers of Human Drizzle will know our affection for Clancy, and it’s hard for us to limit our favourite tracks of his. We’ll go with…

Finally, all the way from a land down under, we welcome the scorching hot Black Magic Disco. The man himself is almost as excited about his performance at Human Drizzle Presents as we are. So much so he has kindly done a mix for us to showcase his skills and get us all buzzing for this Friday. We’re positively vibing off his enthusiasm.

We also introduce newcomer and friend of Human Drizzle, Hot Karl. He’ll be spinning some ‘funky, funky, funky house beats’ for us before the pros take over.

Early bird tickets have now sold out. £7 tickets are available until 6pm on Friday – get them here. If you still haven’t got one by that point, there will be some for a tenner on the door.

We’ve literally thought of everything, so come in from the cold and join us on Friday. We can’t wait to see you all there.


Bloc Party – Montreal (Ejeca Remix)

Ejeca’s remix of currently-on-a-break Bloc Party’s ‘Montreal’ has been around for a couple of months now, but Annie Mac yesterday gave it away as part of her Free Music Monday series, and this seemed like a good excuse to talk about it. Ejeca does the post-garage thing better than anyone, and this is a great little dancefloor shuffler. The drop at 05:18 is particularly worth a listen – do so above and click through to Soundcloud for the free download.

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Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix)

After eulogising DJ Koze’s ‘Amygdala’ earlier this year, we’ve kept an even closer eye on his activities and, joy of joys, he’s been drafted in for remixing duties by another HD fave, Mount Kimbie.

Koze’s stretched ‘Made to Stray’ into eight minutes of comparatively lush electronica; it’s a blissed out cut with the occasional quirky beat change.

The track’s from an upcoming ‘CSFLY Remixes’ EP, released October 28th on Warp. Enjoy a selection of the rest of the EP, handpicked by us, below (the pick of the bunch being Oneman and Jeremiah Jae’s languid effort):

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Wayward – Love Jones

Wayward are a London-based duo who have been producing tunes for a while but have finally got their début single release in the form of ‘Love Jones’. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for a Tuesday afternoon.

Similar to other tracks on their Soundcloud, this isn’t totally original. The track is centred around the soulful falsettos of Eddie Kendricks, he from the Temptations. But the vocal loop works magnificently with the progression of the tune. A hearty bassline and delightful piano melodies rise throughout, but it’s not until three and a half minutes in when you realise this song’s got something really special.

Aesop are releasing this one (check out releases from SOHN and Gent Mason on the London-based label of the moment) – you can get it on iTunes now or on vinyl come the 2nd December.

Go like these guys on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, big ones to watch wethinks.

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Disclosure – Apollo

Just four months on from releasing their debut album, Disclosure are back with ‘Apollo’. It would be no surprise if that album, ‘Settle’, were to win the now-sponsored Barclaycard Mercury Prize on Wednesday night. ‘Apollo’ is more restrained and less pop than much of the album, instead foregrounding the deeper, darker sides of the duo’s arsenal.

Echoey vocals and uncompromising beats recall some of their (slightly) earlier work, and all in all it’s no singalong. It is effective dancefloor fodder though, and it will be interesting to see what direction the still-impossibly-young pair take next.


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Black Yaya – Paint A Smile On Me (Zimmer remix)

Parisian Producer Zimmer has today released to the word this gem of a remix. He’s polished ‘Paint A Smile On Me’ by Black Yaya, a piece of pure pop that was not only produced by fellow Frenchy Yuksek, but is being released on Yuksek’s Party Fine label. It’s piano-driven, it’s feel-good and it’s just what you want on a Monday.

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Kallisti – Michael Douglas

As part of his quest to have a decent stab at every type of dance music, d’Eon has now lobbed out a rave-ready sampler from his new project as Kallisti.

‘Michael Douglas’ is straight out of the old hardcore playbook, with skittering beats and euphoric synths. It’s out as part of the ‘Arc of Fire’ release on November 19th on vinyl only via UNO NYC’s white label imprint NORELATION, although those of us with only computers to play music on can download this lead cut here.

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Review: Clean Bandit @ Brixton Electric, 26.10.13

Clean Bandit are going to get very, very big. If Human Drizzle were a marketing agency, that is what we might describe as the ‘key takeout’ from Saturday night’s barnstorming show at London’s 1500-capacity Brixton Electric.

Human Drizzle isn’t a marketing agency, so we won’t – but the point remains. We have made our feelings on Clean Bandit very clear, have had the pleasure of seeing them several times in the past – and while their previous shows have been full of mischievous energy and vibrant melody, they have also been pretty much identical. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that finishing your set with a cover of Dario G’s seminal ‘Sunchyme’ is in any way a bad thing (it’s not) but it’s not a trick that bears much repeating.

Clean Bandit

All of which explains our delight at the sheer novelty of Saturday’s set – with a veritable avalanche of new material. ‘Novelty’ is a word Clean Bandit must fight against, and it is true that the classical elements could occasionally be better-integrated with their overall sound. Violinist Neil Amin-Smith spends more time grooving than playing, and a closer interplay between strings and beats (as on brilliant debut single ‘Mozart’s House’) would counter accusations that the presence of a violin and a cello constitute little more than gimmickry.

The fact is though, that these are minor gripes when the tunes are so good. ‘Dust Clears’ is a triumph and ‘A&E’ has the place jumping, but it is the new ones that are most revealing. A track that will presumably be called ‘No Place I’d Rather Be’ reeks of chart success. It encapsulates Clean Bandit’s blend of 90s nostalgia and contemporary sensibilities, of intelligence and fun, and (at the risk of sounding like Louis Walsh) it has ‘hit record’ written all over it.

Clean Bandit also deserve credit for their live show. On Saturday they were fronted by Elisabeth Troy, who lent her vocals to bona fide classics like MJ Cole’s ‘Crazy Love’ and, still more prestigiously, appeared on these pages last year following a collaboration with B Traits. Several other singers appeared during the set, including the charismatic Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka for ‘Mozart’s House’.

Some feel that the rotating cast of vocalists is distracting, but it also keeps things fresh and diverts attention away from the traditional frontperson onto the (incredibly talented) musicians around them. The aforementioned strings can be genuinely affecting, while the Patterson brothers comprise a compelling rhythm section at the back of the stage. Jack beavers away masterfully on a variety of instruments, devices and controllers whilst younger brother Luke is a blur of frenzied control on the drums. Crucially, and unlike many artists performing ‘live’, there is a visible correlation throughout between action and sound.

With the definition of live performance increasingly problematic, there is a real sense when watching Clean Bandit that you are witnessing something unique. And if you want to do so in small(ish) venues, we suggest you get on it soon – because they’re about to be huge.

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EXCLUSIVE: Black Magic Disco x Human Drizzle mix

If you look up Friday in the dictionary, it would play this mix whilst you read about it being the last day of the working week.

In advance of his appearance at the ONLY Halloween party to be seen at (tickets here), friend of Human Drizzle and dancefloor puppet-master Black Magic Disco has stitched together an hour of tunes to raise the heart-rate. It’s a showcase of the disco and garage infused house he’ll be spinning a week today, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on the bill.

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Dream Koala – Odyssey

This video’s been thrown around the blogosphere for the last few days, and rightly so. It’s a 3D animated epic accompanying the new one from the fantastically-named Dream Koala. He’s a 19-year-old also known as Yndi Ferreira who’s just released his ‘Odyssey’ EP. Here’s the title track. Although the tune’s excellent in its own right, credit must be shown to Adrien Peze and Albin Merle, the creators of the vid. Inspired by Terence Malick’s ‘Tree Of Life’, it’s quite the piece of work. Have a peak:

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