Moby – Another Perfect Life (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Close your eyes, and imagine for a second that it’s 1991…

Today would have been a day of celebration. News would have reached the UK of the release of Jackie Mann, the ex-RAF pilot captured and held in captivity by Islamic Jihadists in Beirut. After two years, much of which was spent in solitary confinement, Mann’s ordeal was brought to a close. Jackie went on to record the details of his detention in ‘Yours Till The End: Harrowing Life Of A Beirut Hostage.’

That wasn’t the only great release that week in September, 22 years ago. A Glaswegian band called Primal Scream released their third studio album, ‘Screamadelica’. Heavily influenced by the rise in dance music, and the drug culture that accompanied it, ‘Screamadelica’ won the inaugural Mercury Music Prize, went double platinum and is still seen as transcending its time and influence.

One of the many brilliant tracks on ‘Screamadelica’ is ‘Loaded’, a national anthem that, judging by the reaction it got at Glastonbury, is still as loved now as it was on its release. ‘Loaded’ was produced by Andrew Weatherall. Last week Andrew Weatherall reworked ‘Another Perfect Life’, a track featuring The Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne, from Moby’s forthcoming album ‘Innocents’.

The reason we’ve banged on about Beirut and 1991 isn’t just because Andrew Weatherall is at the helm, like he was back then, but because ‘Another Perfect Life’ is from that time. It’s euphoric, with a chorus that you want to shout from the rooftops and a finale that rolls and rolls. It’s just brilliant. Normally we strive to give you the freshest music, but despite this doing the rounds for the past 7 days, we couldn’t not write about it. Stick it on loud and pretend you’re Neil Kinnock.

One thought on “Moby – Another Perfect Life (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

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