Ben Gomori @ Human Drizzle Presents, 03/08/13

Ben Gomori‘s set was a highlight of our party at The Yard last month and your man BG, being the excellent man that he is, had the presence of mind to record the whole thing. All of which means we can now bring the set to you in full – available to download for free, below. Look out for the Stardust/Croll moment, which will live long in the memory. Exhilarating stuff.

And if you missed the last one and want to experience this kind of magic for yourself, join us IRL for our next party at Peckham Palais on Friday 1st November. Full details coming soon…

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One thought on “Ben Gomori @ Human Drizzle Presents, 03/08/13

  1. […] of Ben Gomori since he blew us away with the below remix back in late 2012, and especially after his storming set he played for HDP at the Yard back in 2013, we’re very excited to welcome him back in to the HDP […]

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