Dems – Canvas World (feat. Claudie)

Last week was a bad time to go away if you’re a Dems fan. Whilst we’re amongst the first to admit that it would be inconvenient to plan your holidays around the release schedules of your favourite artists, we did feel particularly peeved to miss not one but two Dems tracks as we popped to Unknown recently. They’re like London buses, but much warmer and more enjoyable.

First up was their cover of ‘Toca’s Miracle’. It is our firm belief that Fragma don’t get enough coverage these days. You’ll be pleased to hear that the German dance ensemble are still going strong, and we have Dems to thank for the excuse to resurface to their version of this track. But the Dems boys choose to eschew 1990s silliness in favour of their trademark intricate percussion, measured guitar lines and falsetto melodies, and it’s probably for the best. The result is a charmingly atmospheric and eminently likeable piece of pop music. Check out the pared-down video below.

Hot on the heels of ‘Toca’s Miracle’ comes their new single, ‘Canvas World’. Guest singer Claudie adds a degree of lushness to proceedings, and the layered vocal tracks mingle with all manner of production chicanery to create an intoxicating blend. ‘Canvas World’ has a lovely balance and poise, and you’d frankly have to be dead inside not to enjoy it. You’re not dead inside, are you? Well then, go ahead and enjoy it.

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