Ghostpoet – Cold Win (Lorca remix)

London and Brighton’s Lorca has done a top job with the remix of ‘Cold Win’ by Ghostpoet. Found on the B-side as part of the original release that came out on August 26th, you can track it down on iTunes (and probably other online music vending portals). We came across it because HD fave Midland casually claimed it was probably the remix of the year. As you well know, we’re not ones for hyperbole (!) or favouritism (wait for our annual ‘Top 10’ for that), and it’s very difficult to choose THE BEST, especially when you consider this, this and this…and then of course there’s this. All of those could be seen as contenders, plus a shed load more, but we’re not going to go tête à tête with a man who has provided us with so many great moments himself this year. So, we’ll leave it for you to decide where it ranks. What is clear is that Lorca has killed it, following up on last year’s refix of the Bixel BoysLove Like This’ which brought him to the forefront of people’s minds, after his early work earned him praise from various top producers. We hope you enjoy the atmospheric ‘Cold Win’ as much as we and Midland did.

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