Bondax – Giving it All (Joe Goddard Remix)

Joe Goddard, he of Hot Chip and The 2 Bears, has gone and shown us/the world why he’s also one of our favourite remixers out there. You know, besides the two successful groups he’s in.

He’s stepped into a crowded field and reworked ‘Giving it All’ by Lancaster’s finest, Bondax. This is in advance of guesting at their debut London show (together with LOADS of other HD faves):

If you like the rhythmic, chiming flow of Goddard’s work then enjoy these two. We’re going to pop them both on right now:

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5 thoughts on “Bondax – Giving it All (Joe Goddard Remix)

  1. Ben Thompson says:

    Damn, these are sick. Great synth sounds. That Control remix is particularly epic!!

  2. […] 1. Bondax – Giving It All (Joe Goddard Remix): Wouldn’t expect anything less from Goddard in this brilliant remix. Catch him support the Lancashire duo at their debut London show. […]

  3. […] their night on October 4th alongside Joe Goddard and Bondax in a #secreteastlondonlocation has sold out. But, if you’re a Londoner, you can catch Bodhi […]

  4. […] had a fair amount of Joe Goddard on these pages of late, but we wanted to draw your attention to the ‘Alternate Version’ of ‘Step Together’, […]

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