Cyril Hahn – Raw Cut

The proof is in the pudding. In this case, specifically the Swiss roll.

Bern-born Cyril Hahn has comprehensively confounded critics who said he was a one-trick remix pony with his upcoming release on label du jour PMR. We’ve already raved about ‘Perfect Form’ and now the b-side ‘Raw Cuts’ has us in pieces:

He also seems like a thoroughly nice chap if this Noisey interview is anything to go by.

Do Cyril a favour, and justify that opening gag, by picking up a copy on 7th October…

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One thought on “Cyril Hahn – Raw Cut

  1. […] The next wave is chasing, fast. Booming producer T. Williams has already followed in the footsteps of Bashmore in his ‘In New Djs We Trust’ host-spot on BBC Radio 1. Not to mention the recent recruitment of Cyril Hahn to the label to release singles ‘Perfect Form/Raw Cut’. […]

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