Az&Tor – Carry Mine (The Golden Boy Remix)

Vibes-a-plenty on this new remix from The Golden Boy. We know little about the Birmingham-based producer, but it’s certainly worth shedding some light on Az&Tor. Having had a coupla releases on MadTech now, most recent ‘Sit Back’ EP seems to be picking up the hype the duo deserve. Original ‘Carry Mine’ is our pick of the bunch. Although it’s a sound not too dissimilar from the silky electronica of the likes of Disclosure and SBTRKT, there’s some top vocals in there from Aisha Zoe, aka Az, we guess. Makes the tune stand out from the crowd. We’d like to hear more:

Two further remixes on the EP worth giving a go as well. One from No Artificial Colours, one from Polkadot:

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2 thoughts on “Az&Tor – Carry Mine (The Golden Boy Remix)

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