eLDOKO – Flur EP

Quick off the mark, London-based Real Nice Recordings have already unleashed their second release. It comes in the form of eLDOKO’s three track ‘Flur’ EP  and was out this week. It’s difficult not to mention that eLDOKO was one of the chaps behind what is fast becoming a very good reason to make that annual visit to North Wales, Gottwood Festival. Besides organising this, he knows how to throw a beat around. Title track ‘Flur’ is our pick of the two originals on the EP, the funky vocal loops accompany the jackin’ house nicely. It’s worth checking out the Benedict Jackson remix of this one too, if you’re willing to go a little deeper that is. (We like this guy, check out RNR’s first release…)

However what really caught our attention was the free download Real Nice Recordings have served up for the price of a ‘Like’ here. It’s a co-write with eLDOKO entitled ‘Thuggin’’ and is a smooth slice of deep house, again with a top vocal. Really enjoying this one:

If you’re in London town this evening, they’ve got an EP launch party on Kingsland Road’s The Shelter. Get on down.

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