Daftside – Random Access Memories

Question: How do you make the biggest album of the year bigger, better and much, much cooler? Answer: You hand it to Chilean/New Yorker producer supremo Nicolas Jaar to give it the once over. The complete once over. Under the moniker Daftside, and with the help of usual sidekick Dave Harrington, he has infused Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories with his atmospheric sound and in doing so, has made the original into even more of a dance record. It being Nicolas Jaar, this is a darker and slower paced interpretation of Guy and Thomas’s funky original record, which, hate it or love it, has taken the music world by storm this year. Like his Space is Only Noise album in 2011, this is a deep reimagining, and one that can often appear to be quite inaccessible. At times, it’s hard to think that he actually took any inspiration at all from RAM. But over the course of the album, he sucks you in and it is ultimately rewarding. ‘Doin’ it right’, ‘Instant Crush’ and ‘Give Life Back to Music’ stand out, but really the album needs to be listened to once through. It truly is a brilliant piece of work.

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