Detroit Swindle – Break Up To make up EP

Lars and Maarten of Detroit Swindle are hot right now. White hot. They’re back again with the ‘Break Up To Make Up’ EP, which is the début release on their very own label, Heist Recordings. The second track on the EP – ‘The Make Up’ – is a slice of summer house perfection, causing anyone who listens to it to do this uncontrollably for hours until they pass out. Probably. As you may have noticed from our inability to stop posting about them (ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibits A and B) we really cannot get enough of these two. It’s even stopped bothering us that they’re not from Detroit. We hope the preview tides you over until Monday, when you can get your mitts on the full shebang.

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One thought on “Detroit Swindle – Break Up To make up EP

  1. […] 1. Detroit Swindle – The Make Up: Toe-tapping, head-nodding banger unleashed as the Dutch duo’s debut release on their new label, Heist Recordings. […]

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