Pick a Piper – Cinders and Dust (Grown Folk Remix)

Anyone else feel a bit sullen today? A little subdued perhaps? We find that this new remix from Montreal twosome Grown Folk helps light the spark again:

Their rework of ‘Cinders and Dust’, originally sired by Caribou drummer Brad Weber’s Pick A Piper project, is a piece of electro-pop bolstered by some atmospheric, low-end synths. And it’s really good.

We haven’t heard much from Drew and Brendan (the aforementioned Grown Folk) recently, besides some production work for HD’s favourite cloud rappers Main Attrakionz, but this remix plus their EP on San Francisco label Icee Hot, have whet our appetite for more in 2013.

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One thought on “Pick a Piper – Cinders and Dust (Grown Folk Remix)

  1. […] 3. Pick A Piper – Cinders And Dust (Grown Folk Remix): Grown Folk concocted this stirring rework of Caribou drummer’s side project Pick A Piper. Fully bolstered with low end synths, vocal loops and charming reverb. […]

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