Human Drizzle: The Playlist June 2013

A list of last month’s best new music that you can play, at your leisure, in Soundcloud. That sounds good (geddit?) doesn’t it?

Your wish is our command. Check out the player below for a rundown of everything we’ve got our grubby hands on this month, together with our Top 5 big ‘uns. If you think we’ve got it totally wrong, completely arse over tit, then let us know here or here.

Also, watch this space for further details on the next Human Drizzle Presents… I know it’s been difficult to plan your summer without knowing more but, fear not, it’s coming. AUGUST 3RD.

And here are our top 5 tracks of the month:

1. MS MR – Hurricane (CHRVCHES Remix): The Glasgow three-piece are red hot right now, and rightly so. Top spot for their rework of NY duo MS MR.

2. Joel Compass – Fucked Up (Huxley remix): Huxley does his thing on newcomer Joel Compass, with predictably great results.

3. Ben Pearce – Patticakes: The Purp & Soul bossman dishes up a summer disco jam.

4. Moon Boots – Love Strong: The latest on the French Express giveaway production line, and it’s glorious.

5. Holy Other – Held (Fort Romeau remix): South London’s Mike Norris going all hypnotic house on Holy Other.

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