Kisses – The Hardest Part

Back in 2010, LA-based duo (and full-time couple) Kisses stole our hearts with their début album, ‘The Heart Of The Nightlife’. Jam packed with Balearic goodies like ‘Bermuda’, it’s a luscious affair that we highly suggest you hunt down.

Now they’re back with their second album, ‘Kids In LA’ (out on Cascine now) and if the lead single ‘The Hardest Part’ is anything to go by, it’s a must-listen.

There’s nothing incredibly original about their style, the drum beat could be swiped right out of a New Order track and the vocal‘s got that wistful, yearning quality that defined many an 80s hit. But they do have the ability to pen a damn catchy verse and chorus alike, and it’s this style of dream pop that could be very welcome over the next few months. Plug in to the super feel-good ‘Funny Heartbeat’ for further evidence you should be giving Kisses a lot of time this summer.

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