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Future Disco with Benoit & Sergio and Juan Maclean @ Corsica Studios, 01.06.14

This Saturday Future Disco return to Corsica Studios for something of a DFA-fest. The label’s Juan Maclean provides support for DC-based duo, Benoit & Sergio. Further back-up comes in the form of The Mekanism and FD head honcho, Sean Brosnan – but the main draws are likely to be Benoit & Sergio’s dreamy floor-fillers (such as ‘New Ships’ below) and Juan Maclean’s slightly harder-edged house grooves. Future Disco have been kind enough to lob a pair of tickets our way: go here to win them, or here to buy some.

Future Disco

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Joel Compass – Fucked Up (Huxley Remix)

Huxley’s remix of Joel Compass’s soulful ‘Fucked Up’ is a proper naughty little house number. Complete with Huxley’s trademark garage touch, it will feature on South Londoner Joel’s forthcoming ‘Astronaut EP’ – also featuring Back to Me – a hugely anticipated release on Black Butter Records in June. Keep your eyes peeled for that, and your ears open for what is an absolute belter from Huxley. We bloody love it.

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Schoolboy Q – Hell of a Night

Schoolboy Q, the rapper behind some of the biggest cuts of the past couple of years, thinks you need some ‘Yay Yay’ to have a ‘Hell of a Night’. Or at least that’s what the tracklisting for his upcoming ‘Oxymoron’ LP would suggest.

Both tracks exhibit Q’s pressing flow nicely with a solid 4/4 beat underpinning things and a lovely vocal refrain. We prefer the more reflective ‘Hell of a Night’ but both whet the appetite nicely for his first big leagues album.

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Prefer Vs to Us? Think life should be lived in capital letters? Well you’re probably already a fan of Scottish three-piece CHVRCHES then.

Even if you don’t have the above preferences there’s a lot to like about their accessible-in-a-good-way electro-pop. If ever a tune deserved the tag ‘summer’, then their new single ‘Gun’ is it:

It follows on from their well-received ‘Recover’ EP, the standout tracks of which we’ve handily pulled out for you here:

And, for the Game of Thrones fans amongst you (and pretty much no-one else), here’s a DIY cover of the theme tune they recently knocked up:

It’s good mood music. As in it puts you in a good mood, not well-made scene-setting music. You get the gist.

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Mirror People & Rebeka – Nothing To Give

Interesting one, this. ‘Nothing to Give’ is a collaboration between Portuguese producer Rui Maia (aka Mirror People) and Rebeka, the Polish synth-pop duo comprised of Iwona Skwarek and Bartosz Szczęsny.

For ‘Nothing to Give’, “an initial sharing of ideas and musical parts led to the development of new concepts and different directions laying the way for this unusual approach at a collaborative release and bring through two very different takes on things.” So say Discotexas, the label releasing said track(s).

Basically, Mirror People and Rebeka couldn’t agree on a definitive version of the tune so they have released one each. We think we prefer Mirror People’s bouncy disco stomper to Rebeka’s more instrumental, emotive effort – but both are splendid pieces of pop music. What do you reckon? Tell us now please (on Twitter, perhaps?)

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Kowton – And What

Having listened to his recent collaboration with Julio Bashmore, ‘Mirror Song’, we now realise what Kowton’s role in it was. Sparse, skittering drums. Straight up and down. Hear for yourself:
In addition to those treats from JB’s recent EP of of the same reflective name, we’ve also been gorging on a couple of new cuts from Kowton’s Systems of Desire collaborator, Hyetal. Fellow Bristol-resident David Corney has put out a couple of tracks from his upcoming ‘Modern Worship’ album and they’re both worth a few minutes of your time:
All good stuff.
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Urulu – Lonely Weekend

Urulu continues to impress with his new jam ‘Lonely Weekend’. Showing off his slick production skills, he’s stripped down The Weeknd’s ‘Twenty Eight’ and turned it into a delightfully drawn-out deep house track. It’s as welcome as the news that the LA-based producer has recently packed his bags and moved East to London Town. As well as hopefully creating a load of live dates we can look forward to, this means collaborations like this can happen. Teaming up with Chaos In The CBD, ‘Never Again’ is a new EP out now on the hot London-based Needwant label. It combines old school and new school cuts and is a real delight.

Very excited to hear more from this chap.

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Classixx – Valley Vacation

Another synth-driven gem from Classixx here in the form of ‘Valley Vacation’. They dropped their debut album ‘Hanging Gardens’ recently (if you don’t own it, we recommend you change that) but shared this track as a little bonus. It’s lovely.

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Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn

‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ is Disclosure’s new single, and on June 3rd they will finally have an album, entitled ‘Settle’. In recent weeks there has been the beginnings of a backlash against Disclosure. Led (as are most things these days) by VICE’s consistently brilliant Clive Martin (if you don’t know him, remedy that sharpish), the suggestion is that they are (or are at least becoming) a little too polished, a little too marketable for their own good. As Martin puts it in his excellent piece on the imminent demise of the house revival, “we haven’t seen the Alice Deejay or DJ Otzi for this scene yet, but it can’t be far off, and they’ll probably either be Disclosure or sound a lot like them.”

Leaving aside (for now) any debate on the merits of Ms Deejay’s work, the question remains: are Disclosure the Rizzle Kicks of house music? This question sits alongside other questions like, does commercial success and everything that goes with it automatically diminish the appeal and value of an artist, or even of a scene/genre? Do artists inevitably lose integrity when they become part of the modern music marketing machine (the MMMM)? And, does any of this matter? The default answer would be no, as long as the music is good.

‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ is certainly a banger, in a sparse, Bashmore kind of way – it’s got a lot of urgency without the slinky appeal of some of their earlier work, but it’s sure to build even more excitement ahead of the album release: whereupon they can expect wild riches, world domination, and inevitable derision by absolutely everyone. A lot to look forward to.

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Ryan Hemsworth – Still Awake

We have a well-documented (by us) affection for Canadian beatsmith Ryan Hemsworth, so imagine our delight when he chucked out a FREE EP for our delectation:

It’s seven tracks of relatively poppy electronica with the occasional splash of stunted hip hop percussion to remind us of his roots. Lovely work listening.

Annoyingly the only UK slots for his upcoming One Man Boy Band tour are as part of the Brixton Academy smash-it-up-a-thon The Playground Festival, and supporting Toro Y Moi at Koko, neither of which offers enough time to gaze adoringly at the big guy, we feel.

We’ll probably go to both anyway.

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