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Kelis – Jerk Ribs (& Daft Punk/Pharrell…)

It’s been a good week for hip hop stars from the last decade. First there was Pharrell Williams‘s collaboration with Daft Punk. In case you’ve been residing in a cave and have thus avoided every media outlet on Planet Earth losing its shit over this track, listen to it here. It’s been breaking records on Spotify and now the first ‘live’ performance has appeared on YouTube:

Yes, ‘live’ might be stretching it – but doesn’t he look good for 40? The track will be utterly unavoidable this summer (in fact, it already is) and, whatever you think about the hype, it’s a pretty spot-on piece of music.

Meanwhile a track emerged this week from another US hip hop star from the noughties, Kelis. The name of said track is the subject of some doubt amongst fans, but whether it’s called ‘Jerk Ribs’ or ‘Call on Me’, it’s splendid. Produced by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio, it’s jam-packed full of exuberant brass, rattling percussion and general joie de vivre. Another summer anthem, then.

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SOHN – Bloodflows

Given that we’ve been listening to ‘The Wheel’, SOHN’s breakout hit from last year, preeeeetty much non-stop since it crossed our paths, it’s always a pleasure to hear about new tunes from the London (née Vienna) producer – and especially when they’re slow-build scene-setters like this one; ‘Bloodflows’ is out in June on 4AD and has a lovely video to go with it:

And, because you’ve been so good recently, here’s ‘The Wheel’ to enjoy. Again.

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AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (S-Type Remix)

Synths and snare drums. S-Type knows his way round both of ’em and they’re both on display in his new rework of AlunaGeorge’s ‘Attracting Flies’:

Remix is out today on download, if you so fancy. Why not give yourself some context by watching this FACT TV short about the Glaswegian producer?

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Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle

Just yesterday Disclosure took their next step to world domination by unleashing their next single, ‘You & Me’. London-born Eliza Doolittle provides the lung power on this infectious piece of garage-infused house music, their form ain’t going nowhere.

This should keep people’s toes tapping until their debut album ‘Settle’ drops on 3rd June (nice touch on the artwork BTW). It’s going to be released on PMR Records and is looking to be one of the biggest albums of the year. Daft who?

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Copy Paste Soul – 1000 Thankyous

Here’s something to give your Fridays a little boost. Having recently gained over one thousand followers on Soundcloud, London-based producer Copy Paste Soul crafted this high-energy DnB track to say thank you. Make sure you’ve had a couple of coffees before you plug this one in.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on this fella ever since he dropped his ‘Look At Me’ EP on Exploited Records earlier this year, a real gem wethinks. That and some exciting unreleased material feature on the brilliant mix he did the other day for T. Williams on Rinse FM. Both are below and are the perfect soundtrack to your Fridays.

If you’re still interested, this week saw the elusive figure do a remix for Photek too that’s worth an ear. Busy chap.

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Foals – Late Night (Casino Times & Koreless Remixes)

Two totally different remixes here of Oxford indie-superstars Foals’ new tune, ‘Late Night’.

First up, fellow-Oxfordians Casino Times. To say we’re big fans is an understatement. The duo have added a luscious deep edge to the tune, unfortunately on this snippet of under three minutes it’s just far too short. That twinkling effect will be leaving you wanting more. Second comes from Glasgow’s Koreless. He creates a fairly mesmerising lullaby of an edit by stripping it right back and keeping things sparse.

One tune, two remixes. Who gets your vote?

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Jesse Oliver – Oceans EP

Both tracks above are from Jesse Oliver’s new ‘Oceans’ EP which is out now on Discotexas. Clocking in at over five minutes each, both tunes have got some fairly inspirational slow builds on them. Recommend plugging in the headphones for these guys. As a bonus, Portugese DJ Mirror People has done a remix of the title track too, which is equally stirring.

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Tuesday Born – Wake

Tuesday Born, or Gabriel Benn when not spinning dem plates, has done something really lovely here.

‘Wake’ is the latest single from his debut EP, ‘Singing in the Dark’, and has been premiered on FACT with two remixes from noms du jour (thank you, French A-Level) Two Inch Punch and Pále. Both of them do their thing and tinker around the edges but it’s the quality, percussive electronica foundations that shine through. We like the original the best, so there.

Stream the rest of the EP here.

It’s so good we’ll forgive the fact that Gabriel got his DJ moniker from a Ghanaian naming tradition having spent six months there recently… You don’t even need to take our word for it (the EP, that is: you do have to take our word for it on the naming tradition), Justin Martin called it “Very Beautiful inspiring stuff” and Maya Jane Coles declared it a “Fantastic EP!”. We’re with them on this one.

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Toyboy & Robin – Jaded

London’s Toyboy & Robin are a duo you should get to know. If you’ve not come across them via their punchy remixes of Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding, we’re fairly confident their fantastic new single ‘Jaded’ is gonna see them hit the big time. The synths reek of a weekend anthem and the choppy, garage vocals are contagious as you like. It’s out on April 22nd on their own imprint, Cool Kid Music.

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Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

You know what we’re not excited about? Maggie Thatcher’s funeral. You know what we are excited about? Mount Kimbie’s new LP ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’.

The two tracks we’ve been teased with thus far have been an evolution of their stunning first album ‘Crooks & Lovers’ – a little more edge without losing their swaying, underlying groove:

Having declared them one of the “most influential live acts to appear in the last five or so years” (having seen them a couple of times, we give this a cautious thumbs up), your boy Benji B got the duo in for a mini live session and the results are lovely, listen here.

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