Tuesday Born – Wake

Tuesday Born, or Gabriel Benn when not spinning dem plates, has done something really lovely here.

‘Wake’ is the latest single from his debut EP, ‘Singing in the Dark’, and has been premiered on FACT with two remixes from noms du jour (thank you, French A-Level) Two Inch Punch and Pále. Both of them do their thing and tinker around the edges but it’s the quality, percussive electronica foundations that shine through. We like the original the best, so there.

Stream the rest of the EP here.

It’s so good we’ll forgive the fact that Gabriel got his DJ moniker from a Ghanaian naming tradition having spent six months there recently… You don’t even need to take our word for it (the EP, that is: you do have to take our word for it on the naming tradition), Justin Martin called it “Very Beautiful inspiring stuff” and Maya Jane Coles declared it a “Fantastic EP!”. We’re with them on this one.

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