Bodhi – Deliquesce

The most recent artist to jump on the 90s house revival are Cardiff duo Bodhi – apart from having a great name (Bode-y? Bod-hee? Bod-hi?) we feel that ‘Deliquesce’ is a strong contender for most infectious dance tunes of the year thus far. Well into this one, we are:

This is going to be released on February 4th on Sinden’s Grizzly Records and is accompanied by ‘Culture’, which is already poking its head through the radio waves. It’s a travesty it’s not online yet.  The Welshmen first caught our attention with two excellent releases last year: the ‘SY’ EP they gave out on Push & Run and ‘Don’t You Know’, another chopped vocal, bass-heavy house track they gave away for free on XLR8R. Please, please check them out if you’ve not already.

For a softer touch, check out two interesting re-works. Up first, their remix of The XX’s ‘Angels’, and second, fellow Welshman Ifan Dafydd’s take on ‘Deliquesce’. Both are downplayed and pleasingly intimate.

Oh, and also:

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