Human Drizzle: The Playlist, Best of 2012

After putting our collective neck on the line with our Top 10 of 2012, we have expanded this to create a playlist of our Top 40 tracks of 2012. The Top 10 form the basis of this, with another 30 instant classics added to make a playlist of which we are extremely proud. Here it is, on YouTube:

Due to popular demand, we have also created a Spotify playlist. However, Spotify have an infuriatingly small amount of music (which is a big drawback, for a music service). So please bear in mind that this is a kind of substitute playlist – a Tottenham to the YouTube playlist’s Arsenal, a Paul to the YouTube playlist’s John, etc. It’s still packed full of bangers, mind, including 6 of our top 10: so well worth a listen, if Spotify is your thing.



6 thoughts on “Human Drizzle: The Playlist, Best of 2012

  1. […] they can all be heard on our Best of 2012 playlist. It’s a real […]

  2. Daisy Bland says:

    What a treat, thanks HD

  3. mr flyte says:

    no john talabot?

  4. […] Alternatively, we’ve teamed up with Needwant to give away a pair of tickets. Just let us know your favourite track of the year so far (in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter) and the tickets could be yours. We’ll pick a winner on Thursday morning, and we’ll use your answers to inform our January playlist (our Best of 2012 one is here). […]

  5. […] is a blinder. Mixing things up radically from his brilliantly-boisterous ‘What I Might Do’ – one of our top tunes of last year – ‘Patticakes’ samples Quincy Jones’ ‘Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me’ and in doing so, […]

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