Rudi Zygadlo – Banana Tree & Dauwd – Fader mix

This week we got a welcome heads up from our pals at Pictures Music about new music from two exciting artists. Firstly, the genre-defying Rudi Zygadlo, whose previous work includes ‘Russian Dolls’ and ‘Melpomeme’. ‘Banana Tree’ is more like the former with it squelchy synths, slow tempo, big drums and driving vocals from rising London talent, YADi.

Meanwhile another member of the Pictures Music family, Dauwd, has released a mix for Fader. He’s an interesting chap, Dauwd, and he talks in the accompanying interview about his origins (Wales, via America and Iraq), home (Peckham), upcoming release (stressful) and reputation as a chef (unwarranted). The mix itself is a diverse affair, ranging from contemplative soundscapes to soulful house. It deliberately has no tracklist, because Dauwd doesn’t want you to have pre-conceptions before listening. You’re a judgemental lot, it’s for your own good, and that’s the end of it. Download available below too. Merry Christmas, one and all.

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One thought on “Rudi Zygadlo – Banana Tree & Dauwd – Fader mix

  1. […] mixes. Not only does it feature on Dauwd’s mix he did for The Fader that we’ve already waxed lyrical about (and with good reason, it’s brilliant), but it also appears on the funky and soulful mixtape HNNY […]

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